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Ep. 83 My Brother Calls

Ep. 83 My Brother Calls


Today we field a complaint from my brother, Andrew. Three complaints actually: sports talk radio, ill-fitting jeans and Ultimate frisbee. I think I know a lot about all three. I too have these same complaints and yet, I can’t profess to be completely without sin, either. I used to listen to sports talk radio daily. I played Ultimate for years. I may have even worn ill-fitting jeans (although that is rather unlikely as I am incredibly well-dressed).

Are mom jeans ill-fitting? Or are they too fitted? It feels good to have a high-waisted pant on. Your genitals and your ass are all safe and  secure. And your stomach is held in. Which is worse, poo-catchers or mom jeans? Welcome to The Complaint Department.


Firm handshakes,


J.B. & The Double Dee in a chilly Toronto


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