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Ep. 72 The Busy Brag

Ep. 72 The Busy Brag

Madge from Toronto provides us with this week’s complaint. She hates the busy brag and so do we. You know when you ask someone how they’re doing and they immediately give you their schedule? They make their lives sound like apart from being the ambassador they also do all the cooking? Friend, if you’re not a surgeon or have 8 kids and run an organic farm nobody wants to hear how busy you are. Everybody is busy. Busy looking at their phones, busy bragging on twitter and Facebook, busy binge-watching. We’re not busy. Out-of-control maybe. Bad at prioritizing for sure. Captains of industry are busy. Anderson Cooper seems busy. If you have time to post a photo of what you’re eating you’re not busy. You’re a liar.


But I love ya anyway! And so does Big D my beautiful co-host.

Fucking call 1 437 888 3261 like so many have already and leave a complaint.


The Complaint Department: Tell Someone That Cares



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