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Ep. 99 Special Election Erection Ontario 2018

Ep. 99 Special Election Erection Ontario 2018


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But why should you get a woody over Canadian politics that might not normally be of any interest to anyone, let alone Canadians? Because the Right is on the move and we must stay vigilant. Don’t take it for granted that it ain’t gonna happen in your neck of the woods. And if it has happened already then join the conversation. Politicized is the place to commiserate, illuminate and ejaculate all over Canada getting their first Trumpian premier.

Join me, political insider Stephen Dorsey and guests as we explain Ontario politics without boring you to death.

There’s swears guys!

The election is June 7th and we’ll be podcasting up until then. We’ve got a lesbian grandma, a big fat bully that used to be a drug dealer and a great NDP candidate that seems really boring. Oh, and the Green Party but nobody knows who they are.

Join me won’t you?



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