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Here’s Dr. Greg collecting ancient water and reflecting light. Both things are sciencey.


Today’s guest is Dr. Gregory F. Slater of the Earth Sciences Department at McMaster University. He’s an astro geologist among other things. We talk about life out there in space by way of a mine in Timmons, ON. There him and his buddy Barb (another science nerd) found the oldest flowing water on earth. It clocked in at around 2 billion years old. Dr. Greg explains why this matters to finding extraterrestrial life.



What drives us away from what is important? We spend so much time and energy going after all these boring things: money, prestige, jobs, status. We read boring long books and go to boring long theatre (Shakespeare… Fuck off already!). We torture ourselves with boring sad documentaries. We spend hours watching boring sports (The Leafs and the Canucks are boooooring). Why the cock aren’t we spending all our spare time going after what really matters: orgasms and laughs.

Orgasms and laughs I have always argued should be the main motivations for humans. What is better? Why isn’t capitalism about who can get the most laughs and the most O’s? The captains of the planet, the illuminati, the one percent should be Louis CK and Amy Schumer and Jerry Seinfeld not the Angry Mango and his bloated lieutenant of hate. It shouldn’t be the evil Koch brothers, it should be married people that manage to have sex twice a week and then go see comedy on Saturdays. Those are the heroes! That should be the measure of success. How’s your success these days?


So let’s give it up for science! It might not be around this time next year. Am I being dramatic?

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