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Melanie McClosky is a certified life coach, Cancer Journey Coach, Reiki Master and essential oils pusher. She’s a friend of my sister-in-law’s and I’m so glad I got to talk to her. Talking to people over the internet does not a good interview make mostly because you can’t see the other person move their head and inhale right before they talk. I never knew the value of the head nod/inhale move (hereafter known as the H-NIM) we do before we speak. H-NIM is key for conversational flow. But Mel’s vibe is so positive and easy that it was a great chat in spite of the distance between us.


Originally from upstate New York, Mel, now, like my brother, hikes, tele-skis, does yoga, meditates and SUPs in Hood River, OR. City-slickers like you and I are undoubtedly rolling our eyes at all this fucking activity. But without these outdoorsy types in our lives my children would never know what dirt is let alone a mountain bike. Secretly I’m hoping that at least one of my children have someone else to teach them how to X-country ski, or something, if only to give them a better idea of things they don’t like doing.


Mel’s energy makes her feel like an old friend. I highly recommend talking to her if you can. Check out her website. I wanted to talk to her because she just saw Tony Robbins speak in Portland (speaking of major H-NIM). I love hearing about TR. Orlando Wood and I spoke of him last on Episode 40.

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