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Michael Robinson has been on the show before. His first episode was recorded in Vancouver back in the Summer of 2016. Remember those days of freedom and love? Now there’s a travel advisory for the Excited States and I ain’t talking ‘bout the weather. Back then Michael and I talked about fetish parties and not giving a fuck. This time he tells me what it’s like raising a child with autism. As usual, Michael is as interesting as he is patient with me and my big ol’ dumb questions. I clearly stick my foot in my mouth at least three times and Michael manages to laugh it all off.


I’m off to London for a week and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I’ve got some exciting interviews coming up and they will include talking to people with English accents (which always adds a little something).


Thanks so much for listening and recommending me to your friends and enemies.




J.B. in snowy, windy and cold Toronto