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This is Lord Mayor Sir Richard Whittington. His friends called him Dick and he loved cats.


Today on In the Dark I talk to Chris Roberts of London Street Tours. He gives me a one-on-one walk around some of the oldest parts of Jolly Old. We talk bygone bridges, ghosts and hidden rivers and then we end up at Europe’s only graveyard for prostitutes.

These days more than ever history can play an important role in calming us down. There is perspective galore to be had by looking back. You will find madmen, terrorists, globalization, greed, fire, tornadoes, pestilence and religious BS. But you will also find beauty, art, drama, creation and people like you and me doing great and weird things to the delight of others. This is what excites me.

Maybe that’s what this show is becoming: a repository of creativity in the face of adversity. Where greedy little men want everyone to take themselves as seriously as they do here we will make fun of each other and get high and laugh. I’m at the bottom where ambition and optimization take a backseat to dumb jokes and champagne. Join me, won’t you?