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Thank you so much for listening to the In the Dark 2nd Quarterly Review. We’re up to 53 episodes! Halfway to the 100 mark at which time this will end.


Here’s hoping I’ve given you something here. I’ve probably offended and annoyed you. Have I bored you? Definitely. But that can be useful too. Turn me on when you’re having a hard time sleeping. Listen to me prattle on about nothing. Let me help you let go of the day that no longer exists. As my friend Jeff Low says in episode 38, “each night when we fall asleep we give it all up.” Give it all up to me when you’re in the dark.


Either way I’m honoured to be in your ears. Maybe one day I can also be in your pants. Who knows… Crazier things have happened (in your pants).


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Deep and abiding love,


J.B. in a rainy Toronto