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It is a conversation I have had monthly with fellow actors or writers or filmmakers or just some guy that fell asleep on the subway: “What are we doing all this for? Should we keep going? When is anyone going to notice?” And every time the answer is the same: “What else would we do?” I spend 95% of my time working on pipe dreams that no one ever sees. But it seems like not an unreasonable ratio of success. It’s just unreasonable to meet it with a smile every day. Unless you’re David Ray.


Dave is a prolific, positive and expert writer and director. His feature length directorial debut was the dark comedy called FETCHING CODY, starring Jay Baruchel, which premiered at TIFF. 

A stalwart at the SyFy Channel, six of his MOW screenplays have been produced as has his forays into animation, including work on the series ANIMISM for APTN and THE HENCHMEN for Bron Studios. He was also the lead writer on the blockbuster NEED FOR SPEED: CARBON with Electronic Arts. Check out his latest feature Grand Unified Theory now in theatres! 

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