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Diana Frances and I have a great, informative and hilarious talk about the male gaze, meditation, getting older and not wearing bras. She has an interesting perspective on how to remain funny and pointed in the age of correctness.


I learned a lot but I’m not gonna talk about it at the end of the podcast as I usually do because I don’t have time and I am hungry. Plus I gotta go pick up ze kinder.


Hire Diana to write for your TV show. She just won an award for her half-hour comedy, Given Up, based on her heinous childhood. The most heinous childhood in history.


I love talking to D. She’s so easy to have a great conversation with.


Upcoming episodes include a chat with Fab Filippo. He talks about his new show, the highly acclaimed Save Me, on CBC. It is really good. Surprising, funny and dark as midnight. Sure it’s upsetting that I’m not on it. Of course I resent Fab’s successes. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. But the neggies subside faster than they used to. Progess.


In the meantime I’m sending you meaningful, lingering drama hugs from warm, wet Toronto. Come and visit. Just wait until July when the cicadas are screaming. Not to be missed.