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This guy is so great I can’t stand it. I want to resent him. But I can’t, dammit…


Fab is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and actor. He’s written and directed this amazing new digital series called Save Me for the Ceeb. As a playwright, he was most recently nominated for a Dora Award for his play The Summoned.  As an actor he was recently nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for his performance in the series Guidestones. He wrote and co-produced NBC’s comedy Working The Engels and co-wrote the true crime indie, Perfect Sisters, starring Abigail Breslin and Mira Sorvino. As an actor you might also know him from the groundbreaking Showtime series Queer As Folk. He also starred in his own series, Billable Hours, and is often recognized for a stint on Buffy The Vampire Slayer.


What an asshole, right? I wish. On top of all that he’s a really nice fella. Funny, charming, easy on the eyes. How does he do it? Especially when he’s come from an upbringing filled with alcoholism and violence. We get into for about an hour and a quarter at his office at Tarragon Theatre here in Toronto. I encourage you to watch Save Me before you listen so you understand why I’m so disgustingly effusive. I wish I had some self-respect.



Love you long time behind the dumpster at the A&W off the 400 on your way to Cottage Country,