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Pizzagate is a conspiracy theory that emerged during the 2016 United States presidential election cycle. You’ve heard of it but if you’re anything like me you didn’t actually know anything about it. And let me just preface this episode by saying that you still won’t know anything about it after you listen. In spite of mine and my guest’s best efforts it is a quagmire of misinformation and leaps in logic. But that’s why I like a good conspiracy theory. They are juicy! Because it’s gossip. And we are told it’s bad to gossip. It’s negative, impolite and it’s judgmental. But it feels so good when we’re doing it. And then you feel dirty afterwards. Kinda like masturbation. Or pork rinds.


Pizzagate has it all: Hillary Clinton leads a child sex-trafficking ring that also performs Satanic rituals! Thankfully for the ardent self-investigators (AKA the Online Trump Tribe) there are also Jewish people, gay people and democratic people involved. It’s a fuckin’ salad of what is wrong with ‘murica.


I’m so judgmental and snarky, I know. I want to be open-minded but it’s hard when faced with such lunacy. That said, there are some weird elements to this story that are hard to explain. The kind and patient Bob Brun from Ohio, a man that voted for Donny-T, has looked into the Pizzagate affair and has found some compelling evidence.



Long, meaningful but completely appropriate hugs from sunny Toronto!