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Scandal after scandal the Angry Mango is dragging the U.S. and the world down a dangerous road of incompetency that at best will be a long sad joke and at worst nuclear war. His ego, fuelled by genetic delusion and vestigial amounts of stupefying testosterone, drive him to act like a spoiled 5 year-old. But we must soldier on. He wants us to turn off. He wants us to stop paying attention. He wants to run the USA like he runs his companies: autocratically.

It should have been Bernie. He wasn’t the spoiler, Hilary was. What a catastrophe. If there’s anything good about Trump is that he has mobilized the Left. He’ll have ruined the Republican party for decades to come. And the democrats have ruined themselves. What will rear it’s head next? I’m hoping for an independent; a nice lesbian of colour that doesn’t happen to be rich.

We have to keep paying attention. We must hold their feet to the fire because anybody can be a politician. It takes no pre-requisites. They can be complete idiots and still become leader of the free world. I have to keep reading the news. But we need balance too. Fair and balanced. Just like Fox News. That’s why I’m now going to Bar Raval with Hutsul to eat grilled sardines and drink Spanish wine and enjoy the best this city has to offer. Before a radicalized young Islamic man makes a bad decision due to his testosterone and blows it up.