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This week Diana and I field a call from Christine in Vancouver. She has a problem with people texting a conversation instead of calling. She laments the end of phone calls. I love phone calls but there is a real place for texts: What’s your address again? We don’t have any milk. I’m hammered, come get me. But when a conversation is in order then the texting can become too much tapping.


Let’s get back to talking. Do you have someone you could call right now that you haven’t spoken to in a while? There’s no more long distance rates. It’s free or dirt cheap. We have no excuse. Reach out and touch someone. With your voice. Not your fingers. Well, you can, just make sure you have consent. I’m giving you consent right now to call 1 437-888-3261 and leave a message in the Complaint Department. Leave a message in our Message Centre!


With love and admiration,


J.B. & Big Di