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I never remember to take a photo of my guest so I then have to get one from the internet. What I’m saying is I didn’t take this picture.

Steve Carter and I went to university together one million years ago. Now he’s a political strategist. I fell in love with his defunct podcast and listened religulously. After months of bugging him I finally got the chance to talk to him only by going all the way to his home in the Rockie Mountains in Alberta. Yeesh. It was worth it though. Great chat. This is the guy that made politics exciting for me. And he explains it well too. I hope he gets another podcast going. Secretly I want to do one with him where I ask dumb questions and he explains stuff to me about what’s going on in politics. We could call it Steve Carter Explains Politics To An Incredibly Handsome Guy Named J.B.

Just white-boarding.


Love you!