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I have so much doubt in myself. Why am I still writing? What makes me think I can create anything remarkable? This is my midlife crisis. I haven’t been able to actually pinpoint what it was. At first I thought it was just an uptick in my obsession with my mortality but it’s not just that. It’s the more than likely possibility that I’ve spent the last 12 years doing something I’ll never find success at. And that made me think of Jian Gomeshi. He’s still making his podcast The Ideation Project. Which is nuts. Talk about creating in the face of abject hopelessness. How does a guy like that keep going? And if he can, why can’t I?

Looking for inspiration from Jian Gomeshi. Never thought I’d write that sentence.

Then Dee and I take a call from Jeff in Toronto. He hates Roots, the store. Hates their track pants, their dimpled leather and their beavers. It’s a great chat that brings up a lot of painful memories Dee and I share about our late friend Joanne. It gets heavy and dark and rul rul funny.

Thanks for listening,


J.B. and Diana