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I quit you for about a week and a half. I can’t quit you Ennis… ‘Member? Brokeback, so good. So good and gay. Miss Heath. Ol’ Heethers.

Today I talk to Jeff Low, aka J-Low. We went for lunch at a Cuban joint in the neighbourhood and then we recorded ourselves slinging some BS about #metoo, Bulgaria,┬áliking Trump and how paying attention to Canadian politics is like┬ápulling weeds in your garden while there’s a dogfight going on next door.

So here’s the first episode of the new year. I’ll just keep doing this one whenever I’m not doing the other one with Diana.

To wit: If you have a complaint I have a new way for you to get it to us here at the Complaint Department. You can still call 1-437-888-3261 toll-free or you can just record a voice memo on your iphone and email it to us at Boom! Technology.

Love yoooooooooou!