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My friend Ellie from Calgary calls in with a complaint about the red tape around moving a corpse from B.C. to Alberta. This is what The Complaint Department was built for! This is where you come with all your corpse-moving complaints.

Ellie’s brother Fraser died in Kelowna but because he’s Albertan they needed to move him home for a proper send-off. The province wouldn’t release the body without his social insurance number. Ellie didn’t know it ’cause her brother was a homeless man. He wasn’t packin’ his identification. The crazy thing is the province had his SIN but needed to hear it from Ellie in order to release her late brother’s body to her.

Way to go bureaucracy!

But before that I rant about the one resolution that Justy Trews should make for 2018. The one thing that he could do to cement his place on the right side of history in this country. Tune in to find out more!

Loving you, meaning it…


J.B. in a cold and sunny Toronto