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How are you dealing with everything? Are you a newly minted activist? Are you a fatalist? Are you making the world a better place or hiding your head in the sand these days?

I have become obsessed with cooking and baking. This recent uptick in passions I’m sure can be tied to the state of the world (aka a dumpster fire. We’re living in a dumpster and it is actually on fire.) For every headline about the harrowing effects of climate change I pop another batch of brown butter toffee cookies in the oven. For every Trumpian tweet I make another pot of bucatini. Am I making the world better? Arguable. Will I stop? No. Do I like asking myself questions and then answering them? You betcha!

Today, my buddy Kevin comes on the show and explains the latest in Canadian politics including the shit-storm of grossness that is male politicians in Ontario. He is a concerned citizen. His opinions are his own.

My opinions are half-baked and ill-informed.

I learned a lot from Kev and so will you and guess what? It’s not boring.

I never want to bore you. I want to reach around you… and give you a…

Reachers! (consensual)


J.B. in a very cold and sunny Toronto