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Today I get yelly about the women. Women are on the move. They’re young and they’re brown and it’s the perfect time to invest in the very thing that’s coming whether you like it or not. It’s #metoo and #timesup but it’s also #becauseI’mAGirl, #investingirls, #futureisfemale, #menstruationmatters, #pressforprogress, #stoptheviolence, #Shedecides and #girlsnotbrides. It’s a goddamn revolution and yet there still seems to be a few dinosaurs afoot that refuse to wake up.

Then I talk to card-carrying Liberal Stephen Dorsey about how we’re both disappointed with the Left. It’s a great chat because it’s not boring and it’s full of learning and sharing… And reaching.


As in Reachers,


J.B. in a warm, wet Toronto