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Today I get politicized with Kevin Burke. He explains Kathy-Dubs (aka the Premier), Doug Ford the former drug dealer, the invisible NDP, handsome-thing Jagmeet Singh, what’s happening in Saskatchewan and Cambridge Analytica (UK) and their involvement in Canadian elections.

Of Note…

  • Tim Horton’s drops from #4 to #50 in the Leger Research Group annual survey of national brands. It probably had something to do with my hilarious and incredibly on-point monologue of February 9th, 2018.
  • Paul Ryan is rumoured to step down before the next election as he is sick-in-the face with the Orange Emperor. Listen to Kevin and I talk about his prospects in Ep. 90.
  • A great website created by some anonymous scallywags with a penchant for design has appeared just in time to illuminate why we should not vote for Dougie Ford.

And as always I yell and scream off the top for ten minutes: this week it’s about how you should vote for your grandma, that tough-as-nails older broad that knows how to get things done.

In the meantime and in between time* I’m reaching around you…


JB in a cold and snowy 416

*Courtesy of the late, great Ed Whalen.