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The nerds want us to always be staring at our phone even if we’re at dinner in a restaurant with friends or family. No, that’s not good enough, they say. You gotta take a picture of that dinner and brag about it on instagram. And while you’re at it call it ‘Insta or ‘Gram ‘cause something this cool has to have a cute nickname. Then go outside and take a selfie by bashing your stupid phone into your face until you hear the shutter go click. Then walk out into traffic and see if moving cars will like you too.


Why not live-stream the next time you and your partner are fighting? It’d be closer to a reality we all share.


Let’s get back to not being so worried about missing out on things that don’t even really exist. The good stuff happens when you’re not looking at your phone.


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Today Yael Staav (the woman that sits right beside me at the office) interviews me!


Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!