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“Basically, at the end of the day (and for lack of a better word) the bottom line is- except for one caveat- going forward, we need to straw dog this blue sky before it rabbits. Oh and I was gifted these $30 pickles after I accepted an invite to this waxed moustache party that was totes awes because there was artisanal craft beer. Who wants red velvet cake pops?”

Noise pollution, am I right? Can we agree certain words that we quickly adopt and then overuse  become toxic? When the nerd in The Internship (the Google movie with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn) kept talking like he was black for a laugh. Noise pollution. When sports talk radio guys use big words (expect for Tony G. He clearly owns that piece of real estate). And anytime I adopt someone else’s parlance because I like the way it sounds. We can begin to sound disingenuous. Or like teenagers. Either one is bad.


Some words/Phrases that have been abused:


Caveat – A new word for “exception”. Please stop using it so much unless you’re a lawyer.


Going Forward – What other direction are we going in if not the forward one?


“At the end of the day” – Is just the new bottom line”. Both bullshit.


Basically – Just don’t say it. Everyone will still understand you.


Indeed – ‘Nough said. (Stop with both of these.)


Gifted/gifting – What was so bad with Gave or Giving that we changed it to a slightly different form of the word and then started using them incorrectly?


“It is what it is” – Is that right? I had no idea the present is the present. No idea that a car is a car, a person is a person and that you were the master of the obvious. Thank you so much for clearing that up for me ‘cause I’m a complete dumbass.


Is this a worthy plea? Or am I just being judgmental? I think the parlance of the day can become noise pollution. It hurts my ears. I can’t be the only one. Let’s talk to each other with some honesty, courage and empathy. Let’s get to the meat of the matter. Since when were we so frightened of real discourse? Well, as a giant WASP I can tell you my people have never been comfortable with actually saying what they feel. Unless we’re feeling anger.

Do you have some words or phrases that drive you nuts? Touch me up on Twitter @jasonbryden.

Today on the show is historian Tom Hooper. We talk about the history of gay rights in Toronto. A great chat.