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Today I talk to my dear friend Bev Wooding. We went to the University of Calgary together back in the 90s. I wanted to ask her what I am allowed to say and not to say these days. I don’t want to become a dinosaur. I don’t want to be a part of the politically incorrect (or the correct for that matter.) I just want to stop putting my foot into my mouth.


Sure I want to talk to more people that DON’T share my point of view but it’s hard to find them because I don’t hang around with people I don’t like. How many people do you spend time with that you disagree with? Unless you’re still living at home probably not many.


And do you know how hard it is to find guests? That’s my excuse. Nine of ten people I contact don’t even get back to me. And the one that does most often says no thank you. So I bring on people I know. Thankfully Bev agreed to answer my dumb questions.


So we talk about stuff and I sound like a real ding-dong and then something great happens… Real, deep conversation comes along. And where do we begin? Periods! We get real about menstruation and Bev’s hysterectomy. And it is great and exciting. Big talk comes in and it’s about the uterus and the lady parts and breast reductions and hair relaxers and being black. So thanks to Bev for that.

And on another note can I just apologize one more time for the lack of sound quality on In the Dark? I am gradually learning things but it is incremental. If you’ve ever edited sound you know how intensely boring it can be. So, know that I am working on it but there is some inertia at play because I just like talking and I don’t like actually doing all the work that this show demands.


Now towards the end of the episode I talk about testosterone and the ill-affects it has on even the most civil of us (me) and it is cringe-worthy. I should be way more embarrassed about it. I wanted to edit it out but something stopped me. As difficult as it is to admit I can’t be the only one. So I left it in and hope that you don’t hate me for it. I don’t want to negatively impact people. As I’ve mentioned before I love you and am desperate for your approval.


Autumnally yours,

J.B. in Toronto