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You Can Be Inappropriate If You’re Funny


Yuk Yuk’s founder Mark Breslin recently told The Canadian Press he feels standup comedy has “gotten really, really soft,” which Russell Peters agrees with. “Political correctness has disallowed us to be angry,” Peters said. “We have to be so accepting of everything that if you have an opinion on something, it automatically means you are against these people. And that’s not what it means. It means I have a preference, this is what I like and that’s what they like and we can still co-exist quite fine, both liking different things.”


Yeah, guys. Can’t I have a preference? Why so sensitive?


I’ll tell you why. It’s ‘cause of guys that looked like me for the past forever have been acting like total dick-wads. We had the run of the place. And now we’re getting our comeuppance. We’ve had a good run. And now it’s over. I’m fine with it just as long as you don’t actually hurt me. You can make fun of me and call me a relic and a dinosaur and I will be fine with it. You won’t see me holding up a Silent Majority sign. The party’s over. Or at least the party’s changed hosts.


Except a lot of us entitled, lucky assholes are having a hard time admitting it’s over. Donald and his deplorable baskets for example. I just don’t get that. Why fight so hard for what seems like the last bastions of the patrician and the patriarchal? Wouldn’t it be better if we were all a nice warm shade of cappuccino? Let’s get together! Let’s mix. To me it’s the only way we’ll survive. Those precious strains are way harder to grow than the hearty hybrids. The best investment portfolio is a diverse one. The best kids are those that grew-up with exposure to all kinds. The biggest reason to travel is to get face-to-face with some different perspective. But no, the white guys just want to keep it white and exclusive and male for as long as they can.


But what if we’re just wired up for it. I’m not making excuses but maybe we’re all a little racist, a little prejudiced, and lean a little too far towards our own. I married a woman with the exact same genealogical makeup as my own. And had you known me during my Yellow Fever phase (is that racist?) you would have been surprised I didn’t marry an Asian girl. But there you go. You love who you love. So now we’ve passed on our bad skin, bad eyes, bad temper and love of alcohol to our children. You’re welcome fellas! Good luck with relationships and traffic and reading labels.


So how does anyone separate preference from hate? Or maybe it’s simpler to just ask how do we co-exist? I think it’s getting to know people (Milkbags we were ahead of our time… again!) and at the same time not overextending ourselves. If you don’t like ________ then don’t fucking go to _________. If you find yourself with a hatred for shawarmas then you don’t have to eat them. But don’t tell me I can’t have them. That’s what a 5 year old does. That’s what Donald does. Who was it that arrested his development so formidably that he stopped all psychological growth right after he stopped shitting his pants?


Today on the show more real talk. This time from an old friend, Ben Ratner. Ben was my first acting teacher. He’s an accomplished actor and filmmaker as well. This was my first Skype interview. Sorry for my microphone. I sound awful.


Look, as always I’d stop all this nonsense tomorrow if we were together and if I could just smell your hair. In the meantime I am grateful for your continued attention and I’ve got a photo of you on my vision board.


Falling into Fall in the 416,