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I’m In the Dark about a lot of Things


Ever since I had children I have been on an information diet. And it has lead to a great deal of happiness. However, it has also lead to a real lack of understanding. I am frustrated with things and I’m tired of it. Tired of being angry. Ignorance ain’t bliss. It makes you mad, it makes you act strangely. Like, all of sudden you think Donald Trump is a viable Presidential candidate (I don’t, it’s just an example). So instead of being angry all the time I want to understand my fellow human being. I want to become less ignorant in the shortest amount of time and if possible have some laughs along the way. And I don’t want to read. Reading’s hard. How about some cocktails and some listening to smart people? That’s what I want.

I don’t know stuff about our world. I don’t know why Israel and Palestine don’t get along. I didn’t even know Israel wasn’t a country until 1948. Or was it 1949?

And how can smart people also take the bible literally? And why do some gay guys lisp and others don’t? And why don’t people want them to get married? That seems weird.

Why is the USA constantly telling us they’re number one? Nobody else does that. They must have really low self-esteem. Besides, everybody knows it’s Sweden.

Iran ain’t so scary are they? I grew up with a lot of Iranians and they were fun. They have really good barbecue and make great movies. What’s not to love about Persia? Is it just the old guy in the turban we should be worried about?

Where’d the Italian mafia go? And why can’t people see Scientology for what it is? Can someone explain these things to me? Even the things we’re not allowed to talk about? (Like why would you ever execute a cartoonist for drawing your all-powerful God. He won’t care. He’s all-powerful.) Why so many iTunes updates? Are there gay Mexican Americans that vote Republican? My friends say there is a glut of college girls doing porn for free. Why the f**k would you do porn let alone not charge me my friends for it?

I don’t know basic things about our world. And I don’t think I’m the only one. So I’m going to ask someone smarter than me the embarrassing questions for all of us.

Each week I’ll put up a podcast and a blog post.

Thanks for being here. I need you. I need this.

With great desperation,

J.B. in Toronto

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